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Cheap Flights to Poland

Earn a rewarding second Income 

Location: World wide

High Earning potential; Excellent Income

In order to create more awareness and offer more opportunities to prospective students, we would like to invite Individuals, Teachers, tutors, new and existing students or anyone who shares our passion towards spreading new information about our new study destinations.

We would like to encourage you to refer our services to new prospective students who desire to study overseas.

You should be able to share your Poland experience if you are already studying in Poland.

New & existing students are encouraged to apply.

Induction will be provided.

To discuss this rewarding opportunity, please email us your CV to




Location: POLAND (Warsaw; Gdansk)

Working months (Selective Dates): February, September & October

Remuneration: Attractive

Existing students in Warsaw & Gdansk can apply for this position.

This is a temporary position that requires a few days or hours of work during your free time.

The role would suit any existing student who would like to earn some extra income whilst sharing their experience and knowledge with the new students, thus, helping the student to settle down in new place without any hassle.

Scope of Work

  •  Pick up of new arrivals: student or student group from the Airport
  •  Accommodation drop off
  •  University visit and surroundings
  •  Help with local shopping, restaurants, etc.
  •  Currency exchange, Bank account information
  •  Mobile cards, Internet, etc.
  •  City sightseeing, if necessary

Desired Candidate 

  •  Person with a friendly approach whilst maintaining professional conduct
  •  A genuine desire to help new arrivals settle down in a new country
  •  You need to have spent over 6months in your University & city
  •  Knowledge of your city and surroundings is essential

Please send your CV to









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