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Polish Customs

Polish Customs

It is always good to understand certain aspects of country’s culture and customs before going there. You will avoid being surprized or embarassed in that way. Here are the most interesting Polish customs which is good to be familiar with:

Curious people

Polish people are very curious towards international visitors. They are very much interested in different cultures, however if you only look back – nothing has happened 😉

Shaking hands

It is very Polish to shake hands when you introduce yourself. YOu do it always with your right, bare hand. It is considered impolite if you do it in a glove.

Keeping an eye contact

When speaking to someone, keep an eye contact for most of the time. It is not necessary to keep it all the time. If you do not, you might not get what you want.

Personal questions

It is quite common in Poland to be asked questions which are often considered as private. As Poles are curious people, they like to get into little details, so do not forget to be assertive.

Meal schedule

Food in Poland is often fat and served with meat. Soups are very popular and offer a great variety of types & tastes. Typically in Poland people eat 3 times a day.


It is a fraternal toast, after which Polish people start to address each other with first names, and declining it can be seen as an insult. Relationships become more cordial after this little ceremony. Bruderszaft is two people raising toasts simultaneously with arms interlocked and drinking. The last part is an exchange of kisses and a handshake.

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