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Education Poland

Education Poland is a unique initiative to facilitate the mobility of global students and researchers across Poland. Its aim is to promote higher education through the support of Universities, Institutions & various organizations whilst welcoming students and professionals and promoting international mobility.

Thanks to the intensive cooperation with top universities, Higher education organisations, Ministries and Embassies that Education Poland can offer quality services to all the students, individual clients and corporates in matters pertaining to Higher Education, Investment and trade and Tourism sector.

Education Poland is recognised by Polish diplomatic authorities and our clients can count on individual approach, if necessary.


Our employees have visited most of our partner Universities, traveled extensively, and some of them even live in Poland.

It is a privilege to be a part of Polish universities; some of which date back to the 11th century and are among the oldest in Europe. Studying in these magnificent universities is truly remarkable and an opportunity not to be missed.

 The only specialists for Poland. Apply Directly. No Admission Charges.

Services Offered to Students


1. University Guidance & Selection through Experienced Counselors who have visited all the Universities, traveled extensively, and live in Poland.

  • Counseling and cost of living and studying
  • Country Information, Culture & Awareness
  • Course selection, future prospects and work
  • Scholarships, Erasmus, and other options
  • Documentation and application process
  • Admission Process and tuition fee

2. Apostille/Legalization of documents: Service offered for documents form India, Pakistan and UK. Please contact our Offices for further information.

3. Visa processing for Students & Parents who wish to accompany their children. Service provided under experienced Immigration Advisors.

  • Documentation, financials, Bank, Assets, Affidavits, Notary, Interview and file preparation, etc.

4. Travel Medical Insurance and Travel Itinerary.

5. International Student cards.

6. Phone Calling Cards                                                                                                

7. Forex / currency exchange                                                                                       

8. Accommodation arrangement (University dormitory or private renting option)

9. Airport Felicitation, Local Office assistance in your region, if required.


11. Airport pick up /drop off and Orientation Advice

  • Where to exchange currency
  • How to buy a travel card
  • How to travel to the University from your place of stay
  • Do’s & don’ts
  • General awareness
  • Shopping for mobile, laptop, clothes, grocery, etc.

12. Bank accounts for Euro and PLN currency

13. Document Nostrification

14. Document Translation

15. Emergency contact Number for 24 hrs

16. Further Visa Extension, Residence Card, etc.

17. Any other general assistance in Poland / Local Medical Insurance NFZ, etc.

18. Any Immigration related query or further assistance in EU offered. 

19. City Tour via University staff upon request.                                                           

20. Our staff stays in touch with all the students and parents and ensures that deadlines such as visa extension, etc. are not missed.

Services Offered to Individuals

Schengen C Visa for Tourists

Schengen C Visa for Parents to visit their children or family members

National D Visa for Dependants

Work permits for Employees, Company transfers, etc.

Private Accommodation Arrangement

Hostel Booking

Hotel Booking

Airline Travel ticket

Medical Insurance

Apostille and Legalization of Documents

Translation of Documents in Poland

Other Administrative Services

Investment in Poland

Work Permit in Poland

Poland Tourism



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Official Admission Office

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