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Counselling is the foremost and most important step while making a right career choice. If you have the right guidance, you will make a career that you will enjoy, if not, you will end up confused, and lost with no direction. You will end up spending more time and money to get back on track. Therefore, we advice you to always ensure that your Counsellor is talking through their experience and have the knowledge to answer every question thrown at them.

Education Poland is a team of experienced Counsellors who have all the knowledge, from general information about the country, culture & awareness, costs of living, accommodation, details on pursuing educationprograms, course selection & future prospects, scholarships, Erasmus exchanges, jobs, work permits, residence permits, immigration, visa, EU settlement options, Living, etc.

We offer Counselling to students, parents, individuals through our experience and knowledge. Our Counsellors live in India, Poland, UK, and other EU countries; they have visited the Universities in Poland, travelled extensively throughout Poland, and finally selected the best Universities to study in Poland.

Education Poland carefully Selects the University based on its location, City development, education standards, Internationalisation, student and local community, job prospects, Travel, Transport, leisure and entertainment, settlements and further options.

We provide full support for visa processing. Education Poland is recognised by Polish diplomatic authorities and our clients can count on individual approach, if necessary. Not only we focus on students themselves. Parents like often to accompany their children, caring is a natural thing. Our experienced advisors will assist you in getting to Poland from anywhere in the world.

First steps in a new country might be very confusing. Education Poland will help you make them with confidence. We will help you with all related issues too: currency exchange, getting a travel card, general awareness. We can also help you in buying a new mobile, laptop, clothes, doing grocery.

 Emergency services and care

If there is any special need, Education Poland can respond 24 hrs per day. We now how important it is for many of our students and their parents to feel safe and be worry free. We keep in touch with all the students & parents to ensure well-being and important deadlines such as visa extension, residence permits, are not missed. Thanks to our connections, depending on the issue, we can directly approach any university in Poland. 

We offer and cover the following Counselling services

Career Counselling and course selection

University selection and criteria

General Country information and culture

Immigration and Visa related issues and documentation

Work permit and further Settlement options in Europe

Job prospects and Job Offers in Europe


Medical, MBBS Student Counselling

Study Medicine in Europe

Post Graduation in Medicine

Job prospects and scope of practicing as a Doctor in Europe

Further Registrations with Medical Councils in Europe

Comparing Medicine, MBBS in Poland with other Countries, such as China, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Philippines, Romania, Lithuania, etc.

Why Poland is the best place to study MBBS

Exploring and Insight into Medical University of Gdansk; special Presentation

We provide counselling at our Offices, over the phone or Skype counselling with our experienced counsellors in Poland.   

For more information call one of our Admissions Offices or email or submit your query online.



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