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Gdansk University of Technology


Gdańsk University of Technology is a modern technological university apart from performing educational functions also has to be capable of stimulating innovative research and to establish permanent relationships with its business environment. At present the university’s prestige and image are determined not only by its research potential, but equally by the number of implementations and the funds received through their commercialization.



Facts & figures

  • Established in 1904
  • Over 1200 academic Staff
  • more than 27 000 students (40% women)
  • Facts & Figures (12Mb)
  • More than 100,000 postgraduates
  • In 1980, Gdańsk Shipyard was the birthplace of the Solidarity trade union movement, which sparked a series of protests that successfully overturned the Communist regimes of the former Soviet bloc. Solidarity’s leader, Lech Walesa (awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983) became President of Poland in 1990.

Offered courses:

  • BBA in Management (BiM)
  • BSc in Environmental Protection and Management
  • MA in Management – Specialization: International Management
  • MA in Management – Specialization: Small Business Economics & Management
  • MBA in Strategy and Programme Management
  • MSc in Automatic Control and Robotics – Specialization: Signal Processing
  • MSc in Civil Engineering
  • MSc in Control Engineering and Robotics – Specialization: Decision Systems
  • MSc in Electronics and Telecommunications – Specialization: Computer Electronic Systems
  • MSc in Electronics and Telecommunications – Specialization: Radio Communication Systems and Networks
  • MSc in Environmental Engineering
  • MSc in Informatics – Specialization: Distributed Applications and Internet Services
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering – Specialization: International Design Engineer
  • MSc in Ocean Engineering – Specialization: Ship & Offshore Structures
  • MSc in Ocean Engineering – Specialization: Marine & Offshore Energy
  • MSc Architecture

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