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Bachelor in Aviation Management

popular_airportThis program provides an opportunity of acquiring skills in Aviation Management with special focus on airport and airline operations. The university has a license for ARCPort software, which is used for simulations of airports operations. The software is used by the Star Alliance group on a daily basis. The students have the opportunity to receive a certificate confirming their ability to use the ARCPort software, which is granted by the Airport Research Centre. The software is used by more than 80 international airports and guarantees a lucrative job.

BSc in Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Engineering

The Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Engineering field of study is appropriate for those who want to become engineers working in the fields of intensive science and technology development, ready to work on electro-mechanical drive construction, in particular for hybrid and electric vehicles including special vehicles.

Education in this field of study allows for gaining multidisciplinary knowledge necessary for design and technical support for complex technical systems with energy-accumulation in view of the analyses of basic physicochemical processes, applying non-conventional materials and automatic control.

Bachelor in Landscape Architecture

popular_cityplanningThe program of the studies allows the students to obtain the detailed and advanced knowledge of different aspects related to landscape architecture. It includes the following subjects: mathematics, mathematics and statistics, chemistry, botany, ecology, dendrology, phytosociology, special planning, graphics, hand drawing, art history, landscape architecture design, climatology, soil science, garden art history, garden buildings, environmental engineering, soil remediation, thesis seminar.

BSc in Nursing

The graduates of this program will be prepared to practice nursing independently all over the world. They will provide health services, recognize nursing needs and problems of the patients and perform nursing care and provide preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation and education services.

BSc in Cosmetology

popular_biotechnologyThe main aim of Cosmetology studies is to educate competent cosmetologists who have broad theoretical and practical knowledge that enables them to carry out beauty treatments and advise on the right choice of cosmetics on the basis of the pharmacological knowledge. The programme is designed to prepare highly qualified specialists in beauty business for their professional career in one of the fastest growing market segments. The 3-year full – time programme offers not only subjects which are necessary in the future cosmetologist’s profession but also unique classes like thalassotherapy. Vocational trainings play an important role in combining the theoretical knowledge and the requirements of the demanding employment market. That is why; the University cooperates with the biggest regional institutions where modern beauty treatments are carried out. The wide range of optional classes allows students to decide independently about the kind of knowledge they want to acquire. The graduates of the Cosmetology upon successful completion will receive bachelor’s degree and Cosmetologist qualifications which enable them to easily find jobs in beauty salons and rejuvenation clinics, biological regeneration centres, labs and beauty departments in pharmacies. The skills and knowledge gained during the course of studies will let the students organize and manage their own beauty salons.

Master in Architecture and Urban Planning

The program of the studies allows the students to obtain the detailed and advanced knowledge of different aspects related to architecture and urban planning. It includes the following subjects: history of culture and art, urban and housing sociology, scientific foundations of landscape design, contemporary architecture, theory of architecture, theory of urban and regional planning, building construction and materials, building structures – computer modeling, architectural and urban design, urban studies and plans, landscape design, management, conservation and revitalization of old buildings, advanced building utilities systems, regional planning, thesis seminar.

MSc in Ocean Engineering: Ship & Offshore Structures; Marine & Offshore Energy

The program teaches hydromechanics and designing of ships and ocean engineering objects. Ship power plants, steam and gas turbines, ship machinery.

End of the program the candidate gains knowledge of shipbuilding and ocean technology.

MSc in Embedded Robotics

popular_roboticsThe Embedded Robotics program aims at delivering the knowledge and developing the skills necessary for a successful career in Robotics and/or Embedded Systems, in industry, research and development, expert consulting, and alike activities.  The graduates gain an understanding of the principles, methods, and processes of embedded electronics engineering and robotics, allowing them to creatively use this knowledge at work.  Typical activities include solving problems in the field of analysis, design, development, integrating, deployment, debugging, and maintenance of embedded and robotic systems.

Specifically, the graduates can pursue an industry, research and development, business or administration career as:

  • Design engineer and/or programmer of embedded systems and circuits,
  • Implementation/deployment specialist of industrial robotic systems, robotics systems specialist, integrator, project manager,
  • Control systems engineer, embedded control devices and systems specialist, building and home automation systems design engineer,
  • Expert/consultant for robotic systems deployment, including intelligent and social robots.

MSc in Physiotherapy (Internship offered)

popular_physiotherapyPhysiotherapy is a health care profession concerned with human function and movement. It is a highly competitive field of healthcare that covers treatment in a wide range of different settings. Physiotherapists work as practitioners using core skills in exercise therapy, manual therapy and electro-physical modalities helping a wide range of people who are affected by injury, illness or by disability. Working as a Physiotherapist requires dedication and motivation. A strong aptitude for problem solving is necessary along with plenty of patience, as many cases will require long-term treatment

The curriculum for Physiotherapy studies complies with the requirements of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within education standards and directives of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Physiotherapists treat an incredibly diverse range of patients. Within a hospital setting they may work in healthcare of the elderly, mental health, neurology, orthopedics, outpatients, pediatrics, palliative care, primary care and respiratory, to name just the most common areas. Some physiotherapists choose to work in the private sector or in alternative settings such as academia, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, schools for physically challenged children, educational centers, sport centers, Spa & Wellness facilities, fitness clubs, health and beauty clinics, additional employment opportunities exist for researchers, advisors or consultants in educational, industrial or government institutions.

Master in Journalism and Social Communication

The course is designed to help graduates to achieve competencies and skills in the area of broadly defined professional public communication, which will enable them to start a career as: Journalists (media, radio, Television, internet, etc.), Editors, PR, TV and Radio Presenters, etc.

POPULAR (previous year)

  • BSc in Biotechnology
  • BSc in Civil Engineering
  • BSc in Mechanics and Machine Building
  • MSc in Aerospace Engineering
  • MSc in Power Engineering
  • MSc in Computer Science Engineering
  • MSc in Automotive Engineering
  • MBBS-MD in Medicine


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